IX All-Russia (with international participation) Mathematical games «Точка опоры» (“Focal Point”)

All-Russia mathematical games (with international participation) «Точка опоры», which are held under the auspices of the Association of Gymnasiums of St. Petersburg, took place on October 28-29 in the Lyceum 144 in Kalinin district of St. Petersburg.

Lyceum 144 has been the organiser of the All-Russia mathematical games since 2015. Vera Knyazeva, the Director of the Lyceum, welcomed the participants of the games and wished everyone good luck, new discoveries and achievements.
This year the teams of 12 St. Petersburg’s schools, the team of Gymnasium No.1 from Polyarnye Zori of Murmansk region and the teams of 3 Riga schools participated in the games.

The programme was rich and diverse. The organisers have prepared interesting events for the schoolchildren and their teachers. Young intellectuals took part in the competitions «Математический бой» (“Mathematical Fight”) and «Математическая регата» (“Mathematical regatta”) showing their ability to think logically, to find creative solutions and defend their own point of view, to develop communication skills, the ability to support each other and demonstrated fast response.

Team leaders – Maths teachers from 16 educational institutions – took part in the pedagogical conference «Совершенствование системы управления качеством образования в школе в рамках реализации концепции математического образования» (Improvement of education quality management system in the framework of the implementation of the concept of mathematical education). The participants discussed the issues of the assessment of students’ progress. The plenary report of Tatyana Shamshina, docent of TSI, Dr.eng., Maths teacher of ISMA “Premjers” secondary school, was highly appreciated. The report was about the organisation of extra curriculum activities of Riga school children on the base of Latvian HEIs.

Intermediate results and winners are announced in the end of every day of the competition. The final results are formed as the sum of the results of all the games, and traditionally they are in two age groups.

Diplomas, medals and cups were awarded at the closing ceremony.

Last year the team of ISMA “Premjers” secondary school won the 2nd place in Mathematical fight. This year we were at the 44th place in Mathematical regatta and became laureates in the nomination “Researchers” for the correct solution of the task, which was not solved by any other team. The author of the solution is Dmitry Shamshin, the student of the 11th form of ISMA “Premjers” secondary school.

The Administration of ISMA«Premjers» declares gratitude to all the participants of the All-Russia mathematical games (with international participation) «Точка опоры», who represented our school at such a prestigious international level:

  • Romans Djakons, form 10,
  • Aleksandrs Černišovs, form 10,
  • Dmitrijs Šamšins, form 11, 
  • Artjoms Čugrejevs, form 11,
  • Anastasija Švarjeva, form 10,
  • Violeta Smirnova, form 11,
  • Anna Vasiļjeva, form 9,
  • Alina Furse, form 10.

The festive atmosphere, team spirit, the triumph of labour, creativity, communication and upbringing will be remembered for a long time by the participants of the competition. Until next time!