On September 17th pupils of the forms 6, 7 and 10 went on the excursion to Kuldiga and Palanga.

The first stop on the route was Kuldiga, which is called “Latvian Venice”. This town used to be the capital city of Courland Duchy. Kuldiga is a very popular tourist destination and, probably, is one of the most spectacular and unusual places in Latvia. The authentic environment is created by the stone buildings of the 16th century. The historical past meets the present in the town. Alekšupīte – the river which is flowing straight along the buildings – gives the town its name of “Latvian Venice”.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily on the day of our excursion, but nevertheless our brave company was lucky to see the splendour of the medieval town.

Palanga, the resort town, was the second stop in the itinerary. Palanga is located in the west of Lithuania on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The specific feature of the town is the incredibly comfortable combination of conventional residential buildings and variegated tourist sights. We visited Palanga at sunset, when the town looked picturesque and romantic, illuminated by evening light.

The sea impressed us very much. The weather, as one would expect, was cold and very typical for our Baltic countries. But for the sea this was an advantage, as the roaring sea embodies energy, motion and eternal life.

The excursion has become unforgettable not only due to the stunning sights which we have visited, but also because of the participation of wonderful people. We have spent together the day which was wonderful, cheerful, emotional and really memorable!

Many thanks to everyone who was not scared by the weather and took part in the excursion!

Anna Tarasova, form 10