ISMA educates future students in the secondary school Premjers

Do you know that the unique secondary school Premjers has been working and developing under the guardianship of Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) for several years already? This school prepares its students not only for final examinations but also for admission to higher education institutions, and it is not necessarily ISMA. But most often the graduates of Premjers choose ISMA, which has become home. Why does it happen? 

To inform students’ parents it should be noted that secondary school Premjers is accredited and its study programs are fully consistent with the state school programs. The school graduates receive state certificates. In this regard Premjers is no different from other schools. Statistics show that there is not a problem for our graduates to enrol in any (not only Latvian) higher education institution.And now – about the uniqueness of the school. 

From the 1st of September there will be two branches of studies – Latvian and Russian.  From the first year of the studies the schoolchildren are treated as unique personalities and future students. There are 8-14 pupils in the classes, which ensures children’s social adaptation through individual approach to each pupil. Emerging problems are solved with all possible tact and benevolence.  Enrolling in school students are provided with teachers’ help and support.

Practice shows that all problems can be solved. The high level of schoolchildren’s achievement is also supported by extracurricular activities and consultations on many study disciplines. The school psychologist conducts testing and works with each student individually helping the 1st, 5th, and 10th year pupils adapt to the study process. The school environment – respectful, warm and full of attention is also very important for children. The pupils’ life is democratically managed by the School Parliament. The school also gives its students the opportunity to develop all their talents in numerous studios.The school provides the students with all the conditions to determine their own future. 

The school study program includes the academic disciplines which are studied in the bounds of the Institute programs, for example – information systems, economics, management, tourism, real estate, and design. With the help of ISMA Career Centre the school graduate can decide in advance if he has chosen the right direction of studies. Project work, performed with the assistance of computer technologies, helps research the schoolchildren’s interests.Senior pupils attend ISMA Preparatory Faculty classes free of charge. 

Moreover, the schoolchildren can study at the professional courses and receive the Institute professional certificates: basics of environmental design, travel agent assistant manager, events and conferences organizer in hospitality business, bar waiter, webmaster and system administrator. This all helps children choose their future profession and expand employment opportunities.And the most important – 70% of the teaching staff consists of Masters and Doctors.

In Premjers some of the subjects are taught by ISMA lecturers, whose professional preparation is so high that they can successfully teach both pupils and students. The school lessons are planned taking into account the necessity of the deeper knowledge of the academic disciplines during the studies in the Institute.

Considerable attention is paid to foreign languages. Not only English but also Spanish, Italian and French are taught. Foreign languages are taught by native speakers, who come through international exchange programmes. Many Premjers graduates go abroad for admission to universities, because there is no language problem for them.

Considering the fact that there is the opportunity for the 11th and 12th year pupils to finish school taking external examinations, it should be noted that the school graduates’ prospects are very good.All the abovementioned – the program, the extracurricular activities, the teaching staff, and the individual approach - ensures the high level of secondary education in Premjers. 

The main idea of the entire study process is the following – each person is unique!Why do Premjers graduates most often choose ISMA for further studies? The answer is simple. Premjers and ISMA have the same “parents”. The study process, school and students’ life follow the principles of high professionalism, creativity and confidence.